ARCHILOGICS is a Barcelona, Mumbai and Milan collective of avant-garde designers and strategists pushing the envelope of contextual future living for an international audience. We work within and out of the traditional architecture-interior archetypes, shifting as required into urban planning, landscape, graphics and media. We believe that locating the genius loci of a project combined with thorough research will always solve client need.

We eschew stereotypes, dogmatic theories and over-simplification of design issues in favor of iterative psychoanalysis of client briefs. We bundle in surprise and factor design-fatigue in creating ageless, relate-able work. These unique expressions both subtle and provocative are in our buildings, houses, apartments, furniture and on TV. Our Clientele ranges from the everyman to celebrities and Industrialists with the requirements of an exciting brief and the allowance to innovate.

Archilogics is currently interested in developing smart city collaborativesand is developing a new design language for Archilogics projects in Europe that bring together history, culture, craft, design psychology, ecological response and the excitement of technical innovation in the future.